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Indian boys fashion 2017 for marriage

The wedding season is on, and everybody has started searching out the source for quenching their style and fashion demands.

On one hand, where there are thousands of options for girls from accessories to clothing and footwear, boys feel a bit disheartened due to lack of choices but no need to worry here we bring you certain special and trendy wedding fashion statements which will surely make you look marvelous and cool this wedding season.


Traditional: If you are a traditional outfit lover then you are one of the luckiest because under the traditional category one can have lots of choices in clothing

  • For engagement:

    Engagement is a kind of light party and you should not look too light nor too heavy therefore anything between a very heavy work and embroidery sherwani to midnight blue tux will be best to suit your style.

Men's Engagement Dress
Men’s Engagement Dress
  • For the gala and grand Shaadi / wedding:

    For the main event obviously, the look should be a bit classy and more eye-catching thus a beautiful traditional silk sherwani or velvet brocade jacket will be the best to give you the most ethnic and classy look. Jodhpuri wear is also one of the most searched out weddings fashion for men in 2017.

Men's Grand Shaadi/ Wedding Dress
Men’s Grand Shaadi/Wedding Dress


Non-traditional or official: In case if you are not the bride or groom then too much of getting ready can be a bit clumsy therefore if you are bride or groom’s close friend or cousins then you can carry a bit cool yet marriage and wedding look, which could help you catch eyes with bride or grooms beautiful sisters or friends.

It may be a grand colored jacket or a classy BlackBerry suit with an embroidery batch and turban. One can also wear a churidar kurta with a black velvet jacket to get in comfort for the dance floor.



For elders: Fashion is for all, by all and of all thus elderly men can also flaunt their fashion statement this wedding season with a simple kurta and pajama or very old dada JI can carry a silk shawl to complete a fashion profile of the family in the wedding.


Hairstyle: –


For young: For young and trendy boys there are many hairstyles which they can flaunt, are: few of are:

  • Faux hawk

  • Crew cut

  • Buzz cut

  • High skin fade with pompadour

  • High temple fade with spiky textured hair

  • Midface with long straight hair

  • Low fade with comb over and brush up

  • Angular fringe

  • High fade with slick back

  • Low fade with textured hair

  • Undercut with slick back

  • Messy hair

  • Long sides with modern comb-over

  • Tousled hair with brush up

Any of the hairstyle from the above list can be checked out according to your face and kind of look you wish to carry.


Accessories For Men

Like the sky is incomplete without the sun and the moon similarly fashion is incomplete without correct and matching accessories. So here is a list of accessories which will help you look complete this wedding season



Traditional:  For a traditional Indian wedding there are few set accessories like

  • Mojari
  • Turban
  • Stoles
  • Necklaces, so if you are the groom then these accessories are necessary to complete your grand groom look.

But what if you are not the groom then also you can carry these but just a bit lighter in the same category, so that the groom does not get complex, after all, it’s his marriage.,!.


Non-traditional or official: If you wish to carry a bit formal but yet trendy look for marriage then a simple BlackBerry suit can be paired with the following accessories to make you look trendy and stylish:



  • Wristwatch: A comfortable wrist watch with leather straps or metal straps can help you look more stylish.
  • Belts
  • Shoes: Formal leather shoes will go best with your suit to give you the desired look.
  • Bracelet: If you don’t wish to wear a watch then a gold or silver or any other bracelet can also be checked out.
  • Bows/ ties: In nineteen the heroes often flaunted the floral ties with plain suits replacing those silk ties and bows can be paired up with your suit to complete your look.
  • Rings: It’s an optional accessory if you are comfortable wearing a simple ring.
  • Brooch: A simple and elegant brooch symbolizes that you are at a wedding so place it on your turban while attending guest and make yourself look more engaged and dynamic through the wedding.

With all these things done, you are set for release at a wedding party. So move out and flaunt your wedding fashion look this year.


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