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FORMALIZING LOOK! New Online Shopping Trends for Men and Women

Be it formal or informal, a dress is the most obvious way to portrait a person’s personality without the one uttering a word! But when you come to the former case, the formal one, one should be very cautious in selection.

A workplace is a foremost field to establish one’s character and abilities not only via what they do but also through what they wear.


You can be the most agreeable or the one not accepted by just what you put on at your presentation day or even at any other working day of the year. You can’t just wake up and put on any attire flashed on your retina and take off to office without checking at least twice if you’re done with the dressing accordingly.


The office wardrobe should be well maintained and the clothing for special occasions ought to be prepared a day before.
One of the most important days for proper dressing more formal than any other is the day of the interview. One can’t deny the importance of it.


It’s the first and foremost expression of his/her to the office so it should be very accurate and still aesthetic. In India, any light colored cotton or khaki saree with aristocrat border can do the job for women.

Cliths Women's Formals

Even a suit of the same fabric with plain border and off-course light colored with plain dupatta is admirable. Besides if you want to be more on the west side, you can undoubtedly try a classy blue blazer or a statement dress with toned make-up and no jewelry is no way a bad idea.

For men, formal white or blue or any other light shaded shirt with the bottom down pant and a noble tie would be the most appropriate answer to this tricky dilemma.


One thing not to be dropped at any cost is that whatever your clothing be, it should be well fitted, not so loose but at the same time not so tight as well, the basic fact is the formal attire, especially on your interview day, should be as such that makes you feel comfortable and ready to express your ideas enthusiastically.

Cliths Men's Formal

It is best to get your interview wardrobe tailored but nowadays buying online is never a wrong pick for shopping as there are several sizes available to fit you accordingly and that also grabs you time for better preparation for the event.

Cliths Women
After the interview, when you get the job or admission, you can be more casual and trendy but still be considering some pre-imposed etiquette and also the nature of your job. Indian formal clothes, a saree or a suit, are always the best option to put on any other day of your office with minimal jewelry.


A printed cardigan or a V-neck sweater with the bottom down available anywhere online can be another ready-to-pick for women in winters. Men can always look classy and formal in their evergreen blazer and a nice scarf can only add to it.

During summers, the weather adds a little more to the concern of acceptable formal wear in India, because the attire should at the same time be according to the hot and moist air around and so light colors can do the job for you. For both men and women, wearing light clothes with cotton fabric are most appropriate.

Cliths Women's Fashion

Girls can even try a blouse with a bow and a skirt or pant keeping in mind that the skirt shouldn’t be too short.

Cliths Womens Blazers

A statement dress or a khaki blazer can always be a tasteful choice. Being a working lady, one should not avoid the need etiquettes dress pants and tights in your office hours. One can never help but have at least one button down in their collection.

Cliths Mens Fashion

Men, on the other hand always looks good in decent shirts and pants but one can even try prints and play with colors to keep the fashion on and yet be formal.


Being formal and yet beautiful is not at all a trap now, especially with the online shopping sites where you can find all formal or informal attires you can think of, it’s almost a task most easily accomplished with just having in mind few delicate etiquettes of being not over- or under- dressed thus being moderate in between and also confronting with the nature of workplace and the occasion.

Your dress-up can always blow you up as well as down so besides keeping your manners formal, have a look on your look thrice before you off.


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