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Men are usually very unfamiliar with regular packing and managing details. Often in hurry, they forget their most essential items.

Most of them carry unwashed and untidy clothes. Many times leaking of toiletries in the bag make the matters worst. Sometimes the uninvited headache and stomachache convert travel into suffering.

So here are few tips to make your travel easy and your packing for every kind of trip easy and perfect.

 Note down these for the happy trip:

  • Organize your stuff.
  • Regular cleaning and laundry.
  • Wrap the ties and other small accessories.
  • A simple travel kit.
  • Medicine box is a must.
  • Unwrap on return. 

 Organize your stuff

There are times when you suddenly receive a call and you have to board for a travel. If you are such a persistent traveler, then you should always keep your daily used accessories and clothes organized.

luggage tips


This is necessary to avoid last minute rush. Many times you have no time and you end up forgetting your essentials like watches, handkerchiefs or anything else. So keep your things at their place and in perfect washed, pressed and polished condition.

In this way, our can easily pack up your essentials at any moment and you’ll never forget everything.

Regular cleaning and laundry

Just imagine You have to leave today at 10:00 am and you have received this call an hour before. Now all your clothes are wandering over your furniture and floor and in waving machine.

None of them are ready and clean. This condition is really horrific.  So just give yourself a minute and think?

travel kit

If you were well prepared beforehand, if all your clothes were clean and pressed in perfect condition then things would have been easy. 

So realize this habit in yourself and keep your clothes clean and pressed so that you can pack them at the last minute anytime.

Wrap up the ties and small accessories

Ties often cover a lot of unwanted space in your luggage bag so it’s necessary to keep them in the right way. Roll up your ties while packing, so that they cover less space. Same can be done for your handkerchiefs, socks etc.

Other small accessories like a brooch, other bracelets (in case you are traveling for some function like a wedding) can be stored in a small box in one place. This will be handy and easy to find when you will be dressing at the destination.

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Organize a small travel kit

A simple travel kit


It is always possible to purchase small things like your toothpaste, deodorant and hair oils, hair gels anywhere but this notion can bring you troubles in several cases.

Maybe you don’t get time or maybe the brands or products you use are available at your travel destination.

So prepare a small kit of toiletries which should have all the products of your daily use. A small pack of soap, shampoo, deodorants, toothpaste will make things easier in every case. So be ready with your small travel kit.


Medicine box is a must

pack luggage

Men are often in the presumption that they are fit but in most the cases they get a stomach ache and headache more often due to heavy and irregular eating at ceremonies or in any travel.

So a small medicine box with basic medicines for fever, indigestion, and cuts (bandage) is a must during a travel.

Unwrap on return

Most men usually get relax on return from any travel and never unwrap their I luggage on time. This causes stinky smell in the luggage bag.

In order to avoid this condition, unwrap your luggage on return and clean your luggage bag, so that you are on the spot ready for the next travel.


Travel is fun.


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