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Fantastic colors of blackout curtains online on cliths.com

Blackout curtains are trendy kind of curtains which help in preventing your personal spaces from excessive light and unwanted pandemonium of the outer world.

These are foam made and stitched along with cotton, silk, velvet, and many other types of fabrics.

Blackout Curtains


Here are different shades which will fit the surrounding where you put these blackout curtains

  • Brighter colors

Kids area – As the naughty are kids, similar should be their room. So bright orange, green and funky color is absolutely perfect for this room.

Cliths Blackout Curtains For Kids Room


  • Tangy red:

    Red is the symbol of love, so this colored curtains in the room will make the room a perfect place for a couple.

Blackout Curtains
  • Nature green:

    Imagine getting up early in the morning and viewing a black colored curtain, it’s really horrible and not so good view at the first minute of your day.

The green color is said to be an eco-friendly and relaxing shade thus, light green colored curtains will help you make a fresh and relaxed kick start your day.

Blackout Curtains
  • Baby Pink:

    This shade is well suited for baby space. It’s believed friendly and soothing colors have a good impact on the development of a baby.

Blackout Curtains

Party hall: Parties and get together are fun and this space also needs bright and heavy curtains to get an elegant look.

The velvet embroidery blackout curtain with suitable drapes is best.

Blackout Curtains


Dining area: Dining with the complete family is another happy experience which family relishes, therefore this area should also be decorated some bright colored. Curtains.

Blackout Curtains
  • Light colored

Conference hall: For any kind of formal activity, a light green, yellow, pink or white are the best color combinations.

Blackout Curtains

Hospitals: Very funky colors will never suit the mood and behavior of this location, so a bit subtle and light shades will be perfect for this location.

Hospital Curtains

Cafeteria: A cafeteria is a general public meeting hub, therefore too much cranky colors may not suit the behavior of this location.

Blackout Curtains

Heavy textures

Curtains with Heavy textures means, lots of patterns and embroidery on very fine fabric, these cannot be used on a daily basis so these are aptly suited for special grand occasions like marriage parties and much more.

Blackout Curtains

Classy textures

Classy and light textures, on the other hand, constitutes curtains with a very subtle pattern like simple lines and plain light shades.

This kind of curtains are basically meant for daily use and can be used at normal office spaces and for home décor.Blackout Curtains

Maintenance of the blackout curtains are easy, most of them are machine washable and others can easily dry cleaned.

Other benefits which come along with the blackout curtains is that they are very strong and have a very long lifespan if maintained properly.

Room Darkening Curtains

So switch over to blackout curtains and make your space more beautiful and comfortable. Enjoy the joy of living happily and health in your humble abode.

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    Nice detailing, where we can get both sided same colour blackout curtains in black colour, please suggest

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