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Summers are back. It’s time to fight the heat of the sun. In this heavy and hot exhausting whether, what can you do? To prevent your dwelling from becoming a heated ground. The answer is simple to try out blackout curtains to block the light entering in your space.

Solid plain blackout curtains

We consume a lot of products to keep our body fit and cool in summers but when it comes to making our home or living space cool and heat free. The options are very limited. So here we bring you the solution to your summer heat.

  • Why blackout curtains?
  • Types.
  • Shades.
  • Maintenance.
  • Synopsis.


Why blackout curtains in summers?

As the name says blackout curtains block any kind of light or radiation from entering in our surroundings. In this way, it prevents heat from entering in your space. It also prevents the internal cooling and regulates the temperature.

blackout curtains for preventing heat

Blackout curtains are also known as thermal drapes. These not only prevent heat but also prevent voices from going out. Thus blackout curtains serve a lot of purposes. These are the most feasible and cheapest way to prevent your room from heat.

Blackout curtains with thermal cost saving

Blackout curtains are designed using especially blocking material and stitched with certain fabric which prevents sun heat.



There are many curtain varieties available. One can easily choose from them. From simple curtains to blackout liners, DIY and frugal are few major classes.

Other than these the E-types can be divided on the basis of occasion and location where these curtains are used.

For Office: The interior of any location sets a specific mood. In the office you have to work throughout the day, so the office curtain should be light and classy of print and texture. Select the curtains wisely according to the walls of your cabin.

Blackout curtains for office and office halls

For home: Home is the place where your heart resides. After a hectic day, here you find a lot of peace. So here you can use curtains which are more vibrant in colors and outline.

Blackout curtains for Home

Baby room: During the growth and development period, babies are affected by everything surrounding them. So make the curtains of your toddler more soothing and chubby. It could have cartoon patterns with certain bright colors of blue and pink.

Blackout curtains for Baby's rooms

Party halls: It’s summer, so holidays are also ahead. Holidays mean a lot of parties. So what about your party hall? Blackout curtains serve this purpose also.

Blackout curtains for Party halls

There are vibrant, elegant colored curtains available to suit your partying needs. For smaller gatherings, lighter curtains will help.

Blackout curtains for small Party halls

In case you are planning a bigger celebration, like birthday bash you need something more heavily. So use embroidered, velvet shade curtains to give your surroundings a grand look.

Bedrooms: This is your personal space. It’s the place where you relax. So use anything which suits your taste. Something that helps you heals your summer exhaustion.

Blackout curtains for bedrooms

Home Theater Rooms: Blackout curtains are very useful for home theater rooms where you need full dark room to get more and extreme response to screen resolution.

Blackout curtains for Home Theater Rooms


Green blackout curtains: Green is perfect for spaces where you wish to remain close to nature. It has been a research that keeping green in your surroundings prevents exhaustion.

Green blackout curtains

Blue blackout curtainsthis color is also available in different patterns. It can be used as per your need. Most suitable for dining areas and professional outlets.

Blue blackout curtains

Pink: This color gives a light mood to your surroundings, so along with heat prevention, this colored curtains will keep you in happy mode.

Pink Blackout Curtains

Velvet Royal Blue: This shade is most suited for bigger occasions like weddings and similar celebrations. These are normally embroidered. Sometimes other patterns are also used.

Velvet Royal Blue blackout curtains



These curtains are long lasting if maintained properly. These curtains do not require everyday washing. Simple dusting will help in keeping these in a perfect situation.  The strong stitching and material make it thicker and long lasting. It’s feasible and maintenance cost is low.



Blackout curtains are the perfect solution to your summer heat problem. These block every kind of radiation entering in your surroundings. In this way, these keep your surroundings cool.

Energy efficient blackout curtains

So whatever the location is, you will always be cool. These help you in maintaining an optimum temperature for better health and maximum output in proper comfort. Whether, it’s your evening tea with family, a small family gathering or your office meeting, with these curtains you can regulate heat at any place.

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