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Curtains to block light: blackout/ drapery curtains/ Room Darkening Curtains

Blackout curtains are specially designed curtains to maintain the external and internal temperature. They are of two types based upon their manufacturing and use.

  • 3-D pass curtains.
  • 2-D pass curtains.

3-D curtains are specially designed in order to prevent the heat as well as noise. These curtains are used to control temperature. Blackout curtains are also used in auditoriums etc. To block noise.

2-D curtains are simpler in comparison, they are designed only to regulate temperature and to block the heat and light.

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  • Types
  • Type of interior based curtain.
  • Maintenance.
  • Cost
  • Colors


Blackout curtains prevent light from entering the room. They prevent the sunlight from entering your room and thus regulate the summer heat. Foam is layered with the black colored layer along with a colored or white layer to give it a proper finish.


The colored layer often differs in patterns and colors to make these curtains more designer and beautiful. These curtains make your ambiance more relaxing and beautiful in summers.


There are different types of curtains which help in blocking the light in summers. They range from black liners to rollers.


There are many patterns in these curtains. The curtains designed for summer are usually light in patterns and colors to make summers more cool and trendy.

Type of interior based curtain.

For office or workspace: For office and workspace the curtains which are light and classy are used. The black lines and simple triangular patterns are useful for office and workspace.

This will give your workspace a formal yet classy and trendy look. They will also prevent every kind of radiations keeping your office space cool.

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 For bedroom: Bedroom is the perfect place e to unhide yourself. This is the place where you can relax and therefore this room should have all those amenities and interior which are soothing and relaxing.

Some light colored and foam based blackout curtains are necessary to make your bedroom more beautiful and comfortable.

For party halls


This is the most happening location or area of your life. All the gatherings and celebrations are celebrated in this hall. This hall should carry a magnificent and grand look to make your party mood more thrilling and fun.

Buy blackout curtains online in embroidery and velvet finish are the best choice for your party hall. In the case of summers, you can choose lighter colors and shades to make your ambiance according to the summer season.

For kids room: A baby pink blackout curtain will be best for your kid’s room. This will add a chubby and toddler look to the room along with heat prevention and temperature regulation.



The important factor is maintenance. If you are buying very heavy curtains or any other accessory for your home interior then it’s the maintenance which decided its longevity.

With these light blocking curtains you don’t need any extra maintenance, simple cleaning on weekly basis is perfect to make your curtains live long.

Cost/ economical

These are available at feasible rates and prices both online and offline. If you are buying online then you get more benefit. There are many payment options.

Seasonal discounts on blackout curtains also make their purchase more economical.  Normal curtains would cost 300-800/- while the party hall curtains with extra patterns and designs may cost a bit high depending upon the material you choose.

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Blue: This is one of the best colors for your summer curtains. There are many shades available in blue.

Yellow: If you wish to add a bright look your outlets and interior then yellow is the perfect shade for your curtains. There are many shades of yellow available in the market.

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Pink: Pink and purple are aptly suited for the kid’s room but they can also be used at other places. These are very peaceful colors and these add a calm yet cute look to your surroundings.

Green: Green is perfect for spaces like lobby or garden areas. If you wish to give a natural and greenery look then this shade is best. It is soothing to eyes and relaxing to senses.

Black and darker shades: Black and darker shades a can also be used for office or any other outlet. These are most suitable at places where you wish complete darkness or very less light.

So buy now online blackout curtains to block light (drapery or blackout curtains ) to make your summers cool and comfortable.

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    I have a window with following dimensions
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    How many sets of blackouts I should order?

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